Kicking off our new series of daily tips and tricks for making your working, home and social life better, did you know that as a university of Sheffield employee, you are entitled to cheaper cinema tickets?

First go to MUSE, log in and from the services menu, click The Deal

the deal on muse

On the next page, click The Deal (1) in the top left and select Cinema Discounts (2) from the dropdown menu

the deal cinema menu

This will then take you through a page that explains the system and gives you a breakdown of the discount you can get, which can be more than 50%! Please remember though that these deals are only valid at Cineworld (e.g. at Centertainment) Vue (e.g. Meadowhall) Odeon (e.g. City Centre) cinemas but not at independent ones like the Showroom. So, if you’re looking to see the latest blockbuster or rom-com, you’re quids in, but for that nine-hour Russian documentary on industrialisation in Central Asia, you may have to pay full price.