When we want someone (e.g. our class) to copy a weblink, it’s not always convenient to give them the whole web address as it may be rather long. However, there is a simple way to create a short link so that a webpage with a long link can become something easy to copy, such as http://goo.gl/L2Ku5o.

To do this, select the web address, right click and select copy (or press ctrl + c on the keyboard to copy the link)

right click copy weblink

Then go to this website: goo.gl and in the text box, right click select paste to add the link to the box.

goo gl short 1


Then click the blue Shorten URL (1) button. It will create a short link that will be highlighted in blue. Right click on that and select copy (2). You can then paste that wherever you want or alternatively copy it down for writing on the whiteboard etc.

shorten url and copy