QR Codes are the small black/white codes that can be scanned with a mobile phone to reveal a website or text. They can be useful for giving students access to online resources or important information and can be put on the wall while taking up little space. We have a guide on the TEL portal giving some ideas.

To create one is incredibly simple. There are many websites you can use, but the one I’ve found to be very user-friendly is QR Droid Zapper. On this page,  select the type of information you want to enter, e.g. weblink (URL) or text (1), enter the information in the box (2) and then click Generate QR Code (3).


Once you’ve done that, a code will be generated below. You can then right click on the code and select ‘save as image/picture’ or ‘copy image/picture‘ and then either save to your computer or paste into a Word/Google document. If you are going to save it to your computer, I would recommend giving it a specific name to help you identify it (e.g. discussion question on football), otherwise you’ll end up with lots of files called ‘QR Code’ and you’ll find it difficult to find the exact code you want to use (or more importantly, reuse)

qr code generated