Google Keep is a fantastic tool to help you stay organised, with everything from sharable checklists to the ability to make notes on photos. It’s integrated into the University system, so there’s no need for a new password, and has a free app.


To access Google Keep on the web:


1 Log into email and click the black squares (1), then ‘More’ (2) and ‘Even More from Google’ (3). Scroll down the page and click on Google Keep (4)

1 2 3

2 To add a new note, click ‘Add note’ (1). To add a note with checkboxes, click the list (2). To add a photo, click the landscape icon (3).

4 3 Add your text (the example here is a list). Click ‘Done’ to save.



4 To assign a colour to a note, click on the palette and choose from the list.


5 You can share notes with other people by clicking on the icon (1). This is particularly useful for sharing tasks with a co-teacher. Clicking on the dots (2) gives you further options. Adding labels is useful for grouping notes by project.